While considering writing the music to accompany this Disney Movie Club review, I realized that I would expose you to unnecessarily sadistic singing. And if you’re reading Disney reviews, you probably have more cute music in your life than you can handle.


I would like to preface this post with a disclaimer: I love Disney movies. Moana is one of my favorite movies and I own most of her catalog on VHS and DVD/Blu-Ray. I’m here. How will I age myself? haha

Having kids has made my love for Disney even bigger. A great babysitter when you need to do something or need a nap.

Disney Movie Club Prices

I may be exaggerating the price of a random ’90s Bjork CD, but the movies you get with this subscription usually set you back around $35 when shipping/handling is factored in.

I don’t care if the location of Atlantis is stamped. $35 is a lot of money to spend on a movie when you can usually get it for less than $20 on Amazon. A conservative estimate of $175 appears when you factor in that you need to purchase five more movies to meet your contractual obligations.

You can buy 9 movies for about $19 apiece, which isn’t too bad, but after 4 free movies, there are 5 more movies to personally buy unless you have a contract gun. I have a book. If I were to give you $175 right now, would your first instinct be to get a handful of random Disney movies?

Disney Movie Club Requirements

Every month, you will receive a mailer with the next month’s “feature title”. It’s not completely unexpected — it’s part of the whole deal. My problem with this is based on a few key points.

1)Within about two weeks of receiving the shipment, you should reply with whether you have received the item. Otherwise, you will have to buy everything for the month. Because of this, now at least he has multiple copies of Plains in 3 different media (this is not a good movie!!).

2)If you didn’t get it from the bullet points above, these choices may be films that are lesser known or less likely to achieve the prominence or success of mainstream titles. Beauty and the Beast Makes Christmas, or whatever it is, has great phone animation and voice acting from a group of people who I imagine run the copy office as the main act at Disney.

3)Don’t forget to completely unsubscribe or reply to all mailers even after your 2-year contract ends. single. Moon. Otherwise (you guessed it!), you’ll be charged for the movie for the month, regardless of whether you’ve already met the purchase requirements.

The only time we were pleasantly surprised was when Doctor Strange arrived in the mail. It was certainly confusing, but I was still pleasantly surprised. A favorite he can meet his obligations by picking four movies, but monthly picks are still a problem, and forgetting Aladdin 4: Aladdin will pay taxes.

How to cancel Disney Movie Club

To cancel your Disney Movie Club membership: 

  • Call Customer Service at 1-800-362-4587.
  • Provide account and customer information to representatives.
  • Tell him you want to cancel your Disney Movie Club subscription.
  • Confirmation email request

Disney Movie Club – Scam or Good Deal?

As I said above, I love Disney and its movies. My daughter loves Minnie Mouse and my son is convinced he is Simba. Think it’s smart to sign up for the Disney Club Movie? No, it’s not. Even if you are a die-hard fan.

In an age where you can stream just about anything you want at any given time, the notion of copies of printed media is less relevant than ever (and will almost certainly be less relevant in the next two years for as long as you need it). will be). Buy these 5 movies!)

The added bonus of storing digital copies on multiple devices is tempting, but it’s smoke and mirrors. Plus, given that most people have either her DVD or her Blu-ray, or at least prefer one or the other, paying a premium of $10 or more gets them three movies. is ridiculous.

Considering the average price of the selection and the automated rapid launch of unwanted movies every month, I recommend staying away from the Disney Movie Club. There are cheaper, easier, and better ways to get your Disney fix.



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