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What Is Disney Movie Club?

Disney Movie Club (DMC) is a subscription service. When you sign up, for $1 he normally gets 4 movies, plus he gets 6 movies each for $19.95 (shipping + handling) he signs a two-year contract, and after that he says, “Anytime You can cancel.

If you were a teenager in the ’90s, you might remember Columbia House’s CD subscription service. After getting a few nice albums for free, he had to buy about 10 more at triple his retail price. They were great until your mom walked in and wondered why you owe her $32.99 for a copy of the Björk CD your crush told you was great, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Anyway, DMC is the same kind of deal without Björk. You have to get some movies “for free” up front and then buy another certain amount. I love Disney and I don’t mind having a hole in my movie collection.


How Does Disney Movie Club Work?

Sign up for a membership program that gives you discounts on Disney movies on both DVD and Blu-ray through Disney Movie Club. Here are the general gifts: The service gives you four movies for $1 each and free shipping. Pretty sweet, isn’t it? After that, you can buy 5 more movies at full price for 2 years. A Disney feature film is sent to him every four weeks, but you can choose or skip it depending on your preference.

You can choose to receive a Blu-ray or DVD during registration. DVDs are usually around $19.95 and Blu-rays are usually around $29.95. Please note that newer versions may not be included as an “Available” section when you sign up. However, it is usually available several months after the original release date. When a new release becomes available, it counts towards your engagement.

What Does Disney Movie Club Cost?

We don’t have exact pricing for the Disney Movie Club, but a quick run through some numbers can give you an idea of ​​what you’re spending. As mentioned above, if you buy the Blu-ray, it’s about $30 per title. Through the Disney Movie Club, you’re expected to get about nine movies before you quit. So you’ll have to spend at least $149.75 (often plus taxes) on the service. Of course, that doesn’t count how much money he spends on his first four-movie package.

What Credit Card Payments Are Accepted For Disney Movie Club?

You must use a credit card to pay for your membership over the phone or online. The service accepts all credit card companies Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. Other credit card services may not be accepted, but please check with your local business or Disney Movie Club representative.



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